What to write for my blog post.

So I’m going to focus on the feeling, the feeling of overwhelm. Everything is happening and not happening simultaneously.

I’m occupied with lists.
*exhibition Wednesday
*finish reading Alice’s adventures in wonderland
*book appointment with bank for mortgage is a
*work out how I’m going to afford saving for a mortgage
*contact hr to get job title changed
*get through all the series of Gilmore girls and wish I lived in stars hollow
*book driving test for the seventh time
*sort out my professional artist website

I’m starting a masters in fine art very soon.
I’m attempting to start some artwork before I begin the masters.

I had a gap of around two years where I made no art and went for interviews in places so far away from art, such as a lawyers firm. I came close to getting that job, one person beat me to it. Thank god, I was delusional.

Another was a strange small office round the back of a building near the bins, someplace near Liverpool Street. Job title was something to do with films, providing film sets with cups for tea or something. I walked in to the small room where around ten women sat at one desk – filling up the entire room. There was a dog too. It was weird, I didn’t get it. The list of dissatisfying interviews goes on.

Anyway now I’m starting the masters and working as an art technician part time: not too shabby.

Attempting to get into the practise of using a sketch book again has proved difficult. Instead I’ve been using jack (brother) as a human diary, texting him as and when ideas come into my head…

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